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Not a beater
Just a busy bee
Wakka Lakka 
7th-Jul-2008 06:23 pm
Hormah: *one arm around Rap's neck and her head on his shoulder as he leans against the wall, holds her close, and softly plays her 'Wakka Lakka'*

Jazz: O-o *clears his voice box*

Rap: *jumps a couple foot into the air, music ending abruptly*

Hormah: 0.o

Rap: Dad... heh. Hi?

Jazz: Is this the girl ya momma told me about?

Rap: *doesn't realize that his hand is reaching back and slipping into hers, or that she's holding onto it determinedly* Yessir.

Jazz: *smiles softly and crosses his arms turning his attention to Hormah* Not gonna cause trouble?

Hormah: *head bowed just a little as she grins at him* I IS trouble, b'y. *she moves closer to Rap as she speaks, silently offering him support.*

Jazz: *shakes his head* I mean are ya here with evil intention, baby doll.

Hormah: *soft deedle of laughter* Nah. My big boss don't go in fer evil.

Jazz:*smiles and nods* Alright then, Rap, I don't mind you kissin' but keep out of sparking for another couple years ya dig?

Rap: .... *in chorus with Hormah* Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

Jazz: *grins wide* Just makin' sure. Now you two run off and have fun.

Hormah: *cheeky* Ye run off. We was after bein' here first.

Jazz: *guffaws* Alright then. Have fun.

Hormah: *cheeky whistle-beep and a wink as Rap leads her away*
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