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Not a beater
Just a busy bee
Interlude in Rec Room 
24th-Jun-2008 08:47 pm
bee human
Bee: *wanders into the rec room with a blanket wrapped Cali in arm and a Honey Bee wandering behind her*

Gen: *resists urge to sniff at Bee and the bundle; curse these lingering instincts*

Bee: *jumps and meeps as she notices her friend, still very much not used to the limitations of human senses*

Honey: *pat pats the Mama and goes to the TV*

Gen: *quietly* H-hey, Bee.

Bee: *frowns a little with concern at her tone and offers the baby bot* Hey. Didn't realize you were in here.

Gen: *takes back Cali and offers a hand to Bee* Still not used to being human?

Bee: *carefully sits on the hand in silent request of a quick trip onto the big couch* Not really. And I keep bumping my broken arm.

Honey: *watching telly without turning it on*


Gen: *catches onto the request, and complies* You need to be more careful with that, or it'll never heal. *yep, is going 'mom' on Bee*

Psych: *walks in, looks at group, sighs, and turns on the TV*

Honey: *tilts her head up to give him a funny look, and then pokes him with a finger and runs away*

Bee: *rueful grin.* I know. And Sam and Jazz and Rap make sure I remember.

Psych: *makes an over-exaggerated squawk at the poke, then starts chasing after Honey*

Gen: Me, too, now that I'm understanding what's going on. ^_^

Honey: *runs right out of the room and roars down the hallway going 'bbbbbb!'*

Psych: *roars like a bad horror movie monster as he pursues*

Bee: *grins again and gives Gen a pat.* You've seemed kind of different since you changed back. Do you remember what happened...? 'Sup?

Gen: *makes a face* I'm different because I'm trying not to clean myself with my tongue.

Bee: *blinks* You mean you're not totally over it yet?

Gen: Lingering instincts. I think it's because I was a cat for so long.

Bee: Kind of like when I try to transform or scan things. :/

Gen: I guess so, yeah

*there's a crash from the hallway as Psych runs into something? someone?*

Bee: *turns her head and listens as Ironhide grabs the young mech and hauls him off to the gym, accompanied by the sound of Honey's laughter*

Psych: Let me go, you over-clocked maniac! *small clangs and thuds as he tries to grab onto the walls and doorways* Gen! Help!

Gen: *splorfles!* *holding back laughter, only somewhat successfully*

Bee: *mischievous grin* Looks like we have time for girl talk.

Gen: Girl talk?

Bee: No Psych hanging over our shoulders talk. What bugs us talk. How cute Jazz's butt is talk!

Gen: *slight adklsajak!ing at the 'Jazz's aft' part*

Gen: *starts giggling* What?

Bee: *grinning at her success* What?

Gen: Did you just say that?

Bee: That Jazz has a cute butt? Yup. Though it looks kind of funny when he changes to his holodriver form.

Gen: *snerks, coupled with some slight blushing* I can't believe you just said that!

Bee: *grinning* I say it all the time. Ask 'Cee.

Gen: Wouldn't that just get her to say that Starforge's is better?

Bee: Always.

Gen: But that's... kind of not fair for me *pout that's part playful, part serious*

Bee: Not fair how? The guys don't care if you look.

Gen: Because the only guy I can get away with saying something like that is Psych, and that's just wrong on too many levels

Bee: *face squinch* You can look at other butts. It's not like you want to keep them.

Gen: You make it sound like there's a catalog or rental store for them. X]

Bee: *mouth open. Mouth shut. BLUSH*

Gen: *sees this, and looks a little smug*

Psych: *sounds like someone's trying to escape* *frantic footsteps in the hallway* Freeeeedoooooom!

Bee: *subject changey!* So, how are you otherwise? I missed you while you were staying at the safe house.

Ironhide: *pots him in the head with a paint round*

Psych: Ack! *brandishes a fist at Ironhide* You'll never take me aliiiiive!

Gen: As well as I could be. I'm still trying to remember what happened during my LOL

Bee: *ignores sound of rapid fire paint spattering* Wasn't Psych with you?

Gen: I think... most of the time? I think I got away from him a few times, though

Bee: The paint around your audio receivers looks a little worn.

Gen: *reaches up to rub said areas*

Psych: Aaargh! This! Means! Waaaaaar!

Ironhide: *with Honey on shoulder* Bring it on, punk. :D

Bee: And that's a heck of a dent Psych has on his back. He looks like Blackout kicked him.

Gen: He never said how he got it, but he was upset.

Bee: *frown* We should ask him about it. If it happened in the Nexus there might be trouble. Blackout usually doesn't kick mechs.

Gen: *winces as Psych's war-cry cuts off in a strangled yelp* Maybe after Ironhide finishes with him?

Bee: *turns her head* Hey, 'Hide, I forgot to tell you! Mia was looking for you!

*sudden silence in the hallway, followed by a growl and a beep of Honey laughter and then footsteps striding away rapidly*

Psych: *weakly* Yeah, you better run...

Bee: Hey, Psych, come sit.

Psych: Do I have to?

Bee: Yup.

Psych: *grumble grumble* You're gonna have to get off, Honey.

Honey: *pauses in the doorway, looking over her shoulder to give Uncle Psych a funny look because she's wondering why he didn't just lift her*

Psych: *enters the room, looking quite colorful, and lays down on the floor in front of Bee and Gen* Yo

Bee: *leans forward to look down at him* Did you somehow slag off Blackout?

Psych: Nope.

Bee: *doubtful* Take a nap where she was walking?

Psych: Noooo...

Bee: ... don't tell me some LOL is making Blackout footprints on people... or is it like those fake bullet scars that some of the guys at Sam and Micky's school wear?

Psych: No. *he quirks an optic ridge* What's with the inquisition?

Bee: If you're picking up damage iin the Nexus the rest of us that go there need to know what's up. We don't want to take the kids where it isn't safe.

Honey: *busy playing Petra on her radio*

Psych: *frowns, but still says* Don't worry. The kids'll be safe

Bee: *very stern and motherly frown that looks out of place with the youth of her human face* Spill it.

Psych: *waves a dismissive hand* It's nothing. Just someone finally kicking my aft.

Gen: *frowns, but doesn't say anything* *is focusing on the bond he's trying (and failing) to block*

Bee: *mom radar is aware of Gen's expression* Spill

Psych: What's there to spill? *gets up and makes to leave*

Bee: *now convinced that something Really Bad happened.* Don't make me get Honey to knock you down and pin you. Because that would be just bad.

Honey: *alert look*

Psych: Whatever. *gone*

Bee: *fidgets, frowning* Give me a hand down, Gen? I have to go tell Op about this.

Gen: And I need to have a talk with someone... *gently helps Bee down off the couch*

Bee: *grimaces at the wee in her stomach as she goes down, but then offers her friend a quick smile before limping out of the room with Honey in attendance. The abandoned TV jabbers, and Cali stares at it.*

Gen: *sighs and sits back, watching the tube with Cali as she waits for Psych to cool down*
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