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Not a beater
Just a busy bee
On gas 
3rd-Jun-2008 01:14 am
Bee: *heads for the rec room and stops short as she sees Ironhide go through the door and vanish* ARCEEEEEEEEEE! Your kids have some kind of warp gate on the door!!!!!

Arcee: *frowns and comes in* you sure?

Bee: *pulls a crumpled piece of junk mail out of her glove compartment and throws it through the door. It too vanishes with a flash* Either that, or they just atomized their grandpa.

Arcee: *gapes* STARTRACKER!

Startracker: *gulps and flees*

Bee: Whoa, that's not the right direction... or are you going to get your tools?

Startracker: *meek* Um... tools? *Sees look from mother and pulls them out before heading over to reverse the teleportation unit to spit everything that had gone in out*

Ironhide: *frowns and looks around, then PINpoints away again*

Bee: 0_0

Arcee: See? He wanted to go.

Startracker: *tentative hopeful smile*

Bee: *cautiously pokes a hand through the door* *and then makes a beeline for the brand new tank of bio diesel.*

Sunhunter: *beats her to it*

Bee: Hey! *grabs him and wrestles with him, trying to get him in a headlock*

Sunhunter: Argh! No! Mom, help!

Arcee: You should know better. Don't whack his processor, Bee, he needs every bit of it he can keep.

Bee: I won't hurt his processor. I'll just.... *poke poke under the armor plate over his ribs, meanwhile leaving the tank wide open for Starhunter and Arcee to get to*

Sunhunter: *flails* NOOOOO!!!!!

Startracker: *takes over chugging*

Arcee: *distances herself from the whole affair*

Bee: *laughs and pokes some more, but then jumps and drops him on his face as a resounding 'burrb' comes from Startracker* What the... that sounded just like Sam when he burps! *other than the metallic echoes, of course....*

Arcee: *sigh*

Startracker: *winces and hides his face in embarrassment as his brother cracks up*

Bee: *looks at Arcee*

Arcee: Don't look at me. That's their father.

Bee: ...Forge does that?? 0_0

Arcee: Well I certainly don't.

Bee: ...I think I've heard 'Hide express air from his fuel lines... just not that loud. *a slight snerk escapes her*

Arcee: *sighs again* Well, you know what they say. Every generation's some kind of improvement.

Bee: *thinks of improved burps... 0_0!* *cracks up*

Arcee: *smirks, then rolls her optics as Sunhunter goes to improve on Startracker's challenge*

Bee: *flails and beeps incoherently, then pounds on the counter as she shakes with laughter*

Arcee: *is sent into a giggling fit after her best friend*

Bee: *more flailing. Nearly falls over, and that sets her off even worse*

Arcee: *howling with laughter*

Sunhunter: *destroys Startracker's record*

Ratchet: *looks in just in time to hear that. And ignores it* Are you two coming for lessons today?

Boys: Um... no?

Arcee: *manages to give them a Look*

Twins: Yes! *scurries to the classroom*

Bee: *snorfles at Ratchet's automatic stern look, then fills two big cans of bio diesel* Let's go watch 'Breakfast Club'

Arcee: Sounds good to me. That punk kid always makes me feel better about my kids.

Optimus: *watches as they leave the room, then puts a hand over his optics and laughs long and silently.*
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