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Not a beater
Just a busy bee
Rapping things out ((written with dajazzmech)) 
11th-May-2008 06:47 pm
Bee: *looks at Jazz* Your son was kissing a girl in the Nexus.

Jazz: *grins and peers at Rap* Was it Blackout?

Bee: Blackout's daughter, Hormah.

Jazz:...that's not as bad I guess...she pickin' up her ma's bad habits?

Bee: She kissed him first.

Jazz: Like I said, gettin' her Ma's bad habits?

Bee: It looks like it. She tried shaking me down for my groceries too, but was nice about backing off.

Jazz: *cackles**falls over**roffles!*

Bee: *facepalms* Jazz!

Jazz: It's funny! The critter tryin' ta hold you up! Hahaha

Bee: Yeah, it is. But you're a brat. *snerk*

Jazz: *smiles up at her and blows her a kiss* Would you want me any other way?

Bee: *sits on the floor next to him* I guess not. But you need to talk to Rap. He's too young for that.

Jazz: *nods* he over the shock yet?

Bee: What shock? Like I say, he was kissing back. I had to pull him away.

Jazz:*cackles* Yeah, I'll explain to him all about smoochin.

Bee: I'm serious. *worried face*

Jazz: I am too, love.*cracks his knuckles* I'll get to it after energon tonight.

Bee: Okay. *sighs and turns so that she's using him for a pillow while she looks at Honey stuck to the ceiling.* Did she even come down to see Waltz get her shell?

Jazz:*ommphs* I don't remember clearly. I wanna say she stayed up there and watched. *blows a kiss to Honey*

Honey: *giggles and beeps, being unable to safely let go of the ceiling if she wants to stay up there and not be on Mama and Daddy.*

Bee: *glances toward the room where their youngest is passed out in peaceful recharge and then shutters her optics to recharge herself.* She's beautiful.
12th-May-2008 05:07 am (UTC) - Waltz
((Written with dajazzmech))

Waltz: *wanders out of the bedroom a little blearily, then pauses and blinks at the cup of energon her older sister pokes at her* Uhhh, thanks.

Jazz: *smiles* How you feelin' baby girl?

Waltz: Weird... but everything's weird yet.

Jazz: *nods* M'sure. I don't remember when I first came online, but you have Honey and Rap to help ya.

Waltz: *quirks a grin and has a drink from the cup, then looks over at where Bee's passed out on the couch and frowns a little with concern.*

Jazz: *smiles and runs a hand across Bee's head gently.* Giving birth...is very exhausting. She's still getting about better than the last two times.

Waltz: Did... I didn't hurt her, did I?

Jazz: *smiles and opens his arms to Waltz for a hug.* Sparkling removal always hurts, cause you were connected. But no, you did not hurt her more than what is normal.

Waltz: *comes and leans against him, still holding her cup* Good... I guess.

Jazz: *smiles and cuddles her* You are gonna be my gentle lil' dance huh?

Waltz: *tentative grin* Sure.
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