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Not a beater
Just a busy bee
5th-May-2008 10:48 pm
Ironhide: *winded from training Rap*

Rap: *still dancing*

Ironhide: *grumbles good naturedly and goes to get a drink*

Rap: *pauses beep the squeaky toy Screwloose had been sitting and contemplating*

Jazz:*peers at Rap.*

Rap: *cheesy grin for his dad as Soundwave absently watches him*

Jazz: Got a lot on your mind?

Rap: *head tilt* What makes ya say that?

Jazz: *smiles and hugs his boy* Seemed pensive.

Rap: *hugs back with a chuckle* Nah. I'm alright.

Bee: *pauses in the door and changes her mind about having a drink. Turns and walks away*

Rap: 0_o But now I'm worried.

Soundwave: *looking toward the door with a frown*

Jazz: Whaaaat. *gentle poke*

Rap: Mama's actin' like she don't wanna see us. *frowning*

Jazz: *sighs* I know...I have a feeling I know why. But I'll talk to her. *gets up and kisses Rap*

Rap: *gives him a one-armed hug, though he's still frowning slightly.*

Soundwave: *pushes over the checkerboard*

Rap: *looks at it and nods, starting to set up the checkers*

Jazz: *wanders over to where Bee has gone.* You mad at me Lady Love?

Bee: *slightly guilty look, which she tries to hide.* No. Why would I be mad at you?

Jazz: You actin' like you don' wanna see us. *comes up to pull her into a hug*

Bee: *blinks* Oh... um.... *sucks at hiding anything* *looks down and leans against him* No... I'm afraid you're gonna be mad at me.

Jazz: Is it Soundwave?

Bee: *startled look, and then a slight laugh* No. No, Soundwave's cool. And Ravage's cute when he's babysitting.

Jazz:...don't love me no more? *trying to joke but looks worried still*

Bee: *looks near tears* I'm never going to stop loving you.

Jazz: *squeezes her tightly and kisses her* Then I'm sure nothing will make me mad. Cause I love you, and that won't stop. Tell me baby!

Bee: *kisses him back hesitantly* I didn't do it on purpose... I didn't even know it'd happened till I went to Ratchet to see why I was glitching slightly.

Jazz:...Bee are you...carryin' another sparklin'? *Peers up at her and touches her cheek*

Bee: *looks down as she nods*

Jazz: *laughs softly and kisses her deeply* I ain't mad! Why would I be? This is good news!

Bee: But.... *leans back to look at him with a frown* You said we needed to wait for any more.

Jazz: It's...gonna be hard yeah. *he smiles* But a new life? Especially with you? Never gonna be a bad thing.

Bee: You're sure?

Jazz: *smiles and nods, kissing her cheeks* You are my one and only! And besides, there's not much you can do to get rid of it. It's partly my bad anyway. *He laughs and nuzzles her.*

Bee: *optics wide with shock at just the thought of getting rid of the new spark as she lays her head on his shoulder and snuggles.* Ratchet told me to quit trying to repopulate Cybertron on my own.

Jazz: He would. *He smiles and cuddles her purring softly* Any idea what the spark'll be?

Bee: *silent for a moment, just listening. Then, softly,* Femme

Jazz: *laughs and cuddles her* Won't that please Honey?

Bee: *soft chuckle* Rap too. He loves his sister.

Jazz: Well, let's stop worrying him eh? *smiles and takes her hand*

Bee: *wraps her fingers trustingly in his and smiles* Yeah... I have to lay down.

Jazz: Alright, my love, we can do that. *smiles wide and tugs her along*

Bee: *perks slightly through her weariness and grins at him, then walks at his side to go and snuggle and rest*
6th-May-2008 05:20 am (UTC) - Later
Bee: 'Cee... I need a hug

Cee: *glomps*

Bee: It was an accident

Cee: *frowns* What? what happened?

Bee: *mumble mumbleknockedupmumble*

Cee: *stares* again?

Bee: *wince blush cringe*

Cee: Dang....

Bee: It wasn't on purpose. I didn't realize till I went to Ratchet about a glitch.

Cee: I mean... whoa... but you... *stares* Does... I mean, does Jazz know?

Bee: Yeah, yeah, he knows.

Cee: *blinks* Wow....

Bee: *sighs, still embarrassed but excited too*

Cee: Ooh, I'm gonna be like... mega Aunt!!!

Bee: *laughs softly* Rap's over the moon. I don't know what Honey thinks, she's been stuck to the ceiling in Ratchet's lab since this morning.

6th-May-2008 06:14 am (UTC) - Re: Later
Cee: *snugs her* Man, you're just determined to one-up me n' Forge, huh?

Bee: *embarrassed beep* Like I say, it was an accident. I didn't even know she was there till I went to Ratch about that twitch in my fingers.

Cee: *smiles* was that the sparkling?

Bee: Yeah. She's quieter than Honey and Rap were. Or she is so far, anyway.

Cee: You know what they say about the quiet ones...

Bee: I was quiet when I was new.

Cee: My point exactly. *looks innocent*

Bee: *laughs and takes a swing at her*

Cee: *dodges happily*

Bee: *chases her out of the room, still laughing*
6th-May-2008 06:27 am (UTC) - Even later
Bee: *busy chugging energon as Gen comes into the mess hall, Honey sitting on the table and playing a really cool remix as she too chugs*

Gen: *looks tired coming in after just putting Caleendi down for a nap* *downs an energon cube in one go*

Bee: *pauses* Show off.

Gen: *weary blink* Huh?

Bee: *sets her cube down and looks concerned* Are you okay?

Honey: Breeep?

Gen: Tired. Don't see how you can handle two sparklings. *a slight wince and she rubs her chestplate*

Bee: *fidget, blush* Rap's not really a sparkling anymore. *flinches as Honey pokes her in the chest* Um... and it's three now.

Gen: Three. Sorry. My mis- wait, three? *blink*

Psych: Heh. Congrats, Bee.

Bee: Yeah... remember that glitch I mentioned? Uh, and thanks, Psych.

Honey: ^_^

Gen: Glitch?

Bee: I told you yesterday. A twitch in my right hand. Ratchet checked it out, and it's the new one poking at circuits.

Gen: That's... I mean... *smiles* Congratulations.

Bee: *shy, embarrassed grin* Thanks.

Ironhide: *in passing* Trying to repopulate the whole slagging planet on your own....

Bee: *throws her empty cube at him*

Gen: *holds back laugh, and another small wince*

Bee: *turns back in time to notice the wince* What's wrong?

Gen: I-I don't know. *shakes head* It's probably nothing.

Psych: Nothing, my aft!

Bee: *seriously* Dude, twitchy fingers was somebody new. If you're hurting it's something for sure.

Gen: It's not hurting. It just feels... odd.

Psych: Yeah, sure. "Odd." *private comm to Bee* //We've been twinging on and off ever since my LOL ended//

Bee: Odd how? *to Psych* //Twinging?//

Gen: It's just something different. I'm sure it'll go away eventually.

Psych: //Something just hasn't been feeling right. I don't know what it is, but it sure as the Pit ain't normal.//

Bee: *mama mode* B| Go see a Ratchet.

Gen: *blinks* What? Why?

Psych: *protective brother mode* Because something's wrong and you know it.

Bee: What he said. Seriously.

Gen: But it's probably nothing.

Bee: Want me to drag you down there?

Psych: You have my full permission if it ever comes to that.

Bee: *gives Gen stern mama look*

Gen: *wilts slightly; Bee sure is getting good at that*

Bee: Do I have to bring you now?

Gen: Eh.

Psych: *warning tone* Gen...

Gen: *frowns* N-no. I'll go.

Bee: *equally warning* No procrastinating.

Honey: *wags finger*

Bee: *catches the finger without looking*

Gen: *watches Honey* *mutters to self* They're all against me.

Bee: No I'm not. You're my friend 'n I don't wanna see you hurt. Besides, Cali needs you.

Gen: *sighs* And she plays the baby-guilt card. *half smile at Bee* All right, I'm going.

Bee: *grins* I have babies on the CPU.

Gen: *smiles* I wonder why.

Bee: *blush*

Honey: *laughs at the funny Mama*

Psych: Ha! Nice one! XD

Bee: *Chuckles* You just wait, Psych.

Gen: ^-^

Psych: With pleasure, madam~

Bee: Brat. *looks at the chrono on the wall* Wow, my shift starts in less than half an hour. Will you keep an eye on Honey till Optimus comes to get her?

Gen: Uh, sure thing.

Bee: Thanks... and go see Ratchet! *turns and hurries out, having to dodge Optimus on the way.*

Gen: I will.

Psych: I'll make her!
6th-May-2008 06:31 am (UTC) - Re: Even later
Optimus: *watches Bee go, and hears her calling in to confess she'll be late, then turns back to Gen and Honey, one big hand going out for the sparkling as she bounces excitedly*

Gen: *gently hands over Honey* Um, sir?

Optimus: *adding Honey to the handful with Elita* Yes, Gen?

Gen: I-I need to go to the Nexus for something. Can you watch over Cali if she wakes up?

Optimus: *blinks* Is something wrong?

Gen: *shakes her head* N-no. I just... need to go check up on something.

Psych: *just sighs, but leaves it alone*

Optimus: We'll watch her. Is she in your quarters?

Gen: Y-yes sir. Thank you. *PINs out before he could say anything else*

Optimus: *blinks, but goes to check on the tiny one. Honey a happy sleepy tune in his hand next to Elita's quiet whir.*
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