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Not a beater
Just a busy bee
Baby talk 
21st-Mar-2008 11:06 pm
Honey: *fiddling with the computer, her big optics intent as she mentally explores the capabilities of the hard drive*

Jazz: Whatcha up to baby girl? *reaches down to cuddle her*

Honey: *softly* Bbbbbb. *computer beeps and the screen comes online.*

Jazz: *laughs* Gonna show me?

Honey: *nods as Optimus comes to stand behind them and leans one hand on the consol as he watches*

Screen: *suddenly full of the word 'Daddy' printed over and over till it fills every corner.*

Optimus: *chuckles*

Jazz: *suddenly seizes up Honey* My baby! *cuddles her close to him* She said daddy!

Optimus: *deep voice warm* So she did. Congratulations, Jazz.

Honey: ^_^ *squee!*

Jazz: *snuzzles his little girl happily. blinks and hugs Optimus and points at Optimus for Honey* Uncle Optimus, when you get ready to say it.

Honey: *cuddles happily, and then leans back to look up over Jazz's head at the Autobot leader, who is sporting her artwork on his exhaust pipes. She 'bbbbs' softly and looks at the screen, one corner of which suddenly bears an 'Uncle Op' in tiny letters so as to not disrupt all the 'daddys'.*

Jazz: *laughs happily and bounces her* Good baby!

Optimus: *makes gruff sounds as Honey giggles and waves her arms*

Ratchet: *wanders through the common room, and then stops and comes over to see what the others are looking at.* *chuckles*

Honey: *adds a teeny 'Uncle Hatchet'*

Ratchet: *sighs and shakes his head, though he's still grinning* It starts with an 'R', Honey.

Honey: *giggles*
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