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Not a beater
Just a busy bee
29th-Feb-2008 10:11 pm
Honey: *gleefully bat@#%$$%$@# and running amok*

Jazz: *is inna shell* Why you gotta be bad when I'm sick D:

Honey: *up on the shell and peeking in* *pulls a face*

Jazz: *sighs and makes a face back* I love you baby girl.

Honey: 0_o *cuddles the shell, pat patting it with one little hand.*

Jazz: Daddy will come out soon. *grins* Then I'm gonna tickle you!

Honey: *giggle* :p

Jazz: Heh.*blows a kiss to her and closes his optics again*

Honey: *sighs and goes to chase the boys around*

((Author's Note on why Jazz is sick. Happened just before Ratchet brought furryRatchet home (see Ratchet's threads).))
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