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Not a beater
Just a busy bee
A cat's the only cat that knows where it's at. (And Ratch is a square) 
6th-Dec-2007 12:19 am
((Co-written with dajazzmech))

Rap: Howcome ever'body always callin' Daddy a cat?

Bee: Cause he has Nekomimi/Kitty Ear like horns, and cats are cool

Jazz: *finds the cat scene on youtube*

Rap: *perks* Whoa.......


Bee: *distracted from cleaning Honey doodles off Op by Jazz dancing*

Jazz: A square with a horn~Makes ya wish you weren't born~ Evertime he plays~

Bee: *grins as Rap adds a little extra horn of his own*

Ratchet: *dancing slightly as he goes through*

Jazz: *slide and hip shake* But with a square in the act, you can set music back to th' caaavemaan days~ Chumpatumbaday!

Honey: *scoots over and climbs her daddy's back*

Bee: *looks at Ratch and thinks 'square in the act' and cracks up*

Jazz: *laughs and continues to dance with Honey*

Rap: *really getting into it with the horn. And not following the movie, either, he's adding his own bits that fits*

Honey: Bwee ^_^

Bee: :D -Jazz<3-

Op: Is my butt clean enough yet?

Bee: *sets him free to boogie*

Jazz: *laughs harder* Oh everybody wants to be a cat, cause a cat's the only cat, that knows where it's at~ yeah everybody digs a swingin' cat~

Op: *falls on his butt and settles for holding his toes as he watches*

Bee: *wants to get up and try to join Jazz, but is pretty sure she'll muff it*

Jazz: *adjusts Honey and holds a hand out to Bee* Yeah, those crazy cats always have a wel~come mat~ cause everbody digs a swingin' cat!

Bee: *blush* I can't

Jazz: *softly* Just dance with me a while darlin'. I'll lead, slow and easy. *swings his hips again and hums softly*

Bee: *still blushing as she takes his hand and stands*

Rap: *playing soft horn as the video ends. A perfect slower jazz piece.*

Jazz: *nods to Rap before situating his free hand on Bee's hip* Moon River, wider than a mile, ~I'm crossing you in style some day.~ Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker,~ wherever you're going I'm going your way. *sways Bee slowly*

Bee: *intent for cues; her optics meeting his as she smiles tentatively.*

Jazz: *carefully spins her* Two drifters off to see the world. ~There's such a lot of world to see. ~ *smiles wide*

Bee: *relaxing and moving with the music, half aware that Honey is softly adding some musical accompaniment of her own; a sleepy little purr.*

Jazz: *grins and spins her again* We're after the same rainbow's end~
waiting 'round the bend, ~ *slowly dips* my huckleberry friend,~
Moon River and me.~ *brings Bee back up and continues to hum along still*

Rap: *grinning as he reaches the end of that song and finds another slow and sweet one. Keeps playing as he picks the sleeping Op off the floor and cradles him in the crook of his arm*

Bee: You know what?

Jazz: *smiles up at her* Yeah, Lady Love?

Bee: *softly* This is perfect. I wish it could last forever.

Jazz: *grins and pulls her into a kiss* Me too darlin'. Let's enjoy it wile we can.

Bee: *returns kiss* //Yeah.//
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