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Not a beater
Just a busy bee
Optimus is emo ((morning after Ratchet's repair. Written with Jazz-mun)) 
19th-Nov-2007 01:26 pm
Bee: *using Jazz for a pillow and very effectively pinning him down, irregardless of his need to get up and make sure things are running smoothly in the base*

Jazz: *laughs softly and gives Bee a playful swat on her rear as he kisses her cheek* What am I gonna do with you?

Bee: *grumble* Sleepin'...

Jazz: Well, I need to get up, lady love. *kisses her again*

Bee: Nuhhhhhhh

Honey: *piercing shriek*

Bee: *gone!*

Jazz: *scrambles out of bed* Is she hurt?

Bee: Stuck under something. *on one knee prying offspring loose from the big metal container she managed to crawl under*

Jazz: *lets out a breath and gets down to help her.* Poor thing.

Bee: *lifts head and looks for everyone else, finds that only Ironhide, Rap, and Chromia are up, and that they're busy draining the bad fuel from the tank and cleaning it out, and making a bonfire in the process*

Jazz: *gently rubs Honey's head and kisses Bee* Why don't you two go and rest some more. Let this ol' cat check on everyone.

Bee: *kisses back and hugs her baby, then falls on her aft as a massive explosion comes from the courtyard.*

Ironhide: THAT'S a boom.

Chromia: *waps him upside the head and puts an arm around Rap*

Jazz: *puts a hand on Bee and shouts to Hide* THERE ARE PEOPLE STILL IN TRACTION YOU AFT!

Ironhide: *starts and looks inside guiltily.* Sorry.

Jazz: *still frowning* When Prime is back on his feet, Me and Bee are going on vacation and you are Babysitting again.

Ironhide: Was I supposed to just leave the stuff where people could be hurt by it??

Jazz: Ya don't blow it to the pit! Burning is okay, but no booms!

Ironhide: It blew up on its own. For the same reason it was making the girls knock.

Jazz: *sighs* That's a little hard ta believe. Just, be careful, man. *rubs his temples*

Bee: *coughing softy, face squinched with discomfort as she hugs the cuddling Honey with one arm*

Jazz: *rubs Bee's back* Maybe I should just crawl back in bed. Think the humans gotta sayin'. "Somedays it ain't worth chewin' through the leather straps."

Ironhide: *frowning* Where's Optimus? That explosion should have brought him out even if Ratchet's being lazy.

Jazz: *horns perk* Was about to check on him. Get back to watchin' the fire. Bee, get back in bed. *gets up*

Bee: *reaches for the nearest energon can instead as Ironhide nods and obeys.*

Jazz: *laughs softly and pats Bee's back as he goes to the door of Optimus' room to peek in*

Prime: *laying on back and staring at ceiling as a small blue sabertooth cat sleeps on his chest*

Jazz: *smiles slightly and asks quietly* Hey, Big Guy, you feelin' okay? *walks in*

Prime: *dully* Yes.

Jazz: *sighs and approaches the Prime. He leans down and hugs him before petting the cat.* We worried when you didn't come to check the explosion.

Uzulee: *purring and butting his hand*

Prime: I knew you had it under control.

Jazz: *smiles and continues to pet Uzulee* Glad to know you have faith in me. *scritches Uzulee* When you get a minute Uzu, come talk to me.

Prime: Yes.

Uzulee: *looks at him, then stands and licks his nose before hopping down and leaving the room, her stubby tail twitching thoughtfully*

Jazz: *smiles and pats Prime on the Shoulder* take it easy, boss. We love you and want you to feel better.

Prime: Uh huh.

Jazz: *sighs and heads back out*
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