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Not a beater
Just a busy bee
Bed timez 
10th-Nov-2007 12:48 am
Bee: Ack! Rap, calm down. *squirm!* Ack eeep!

Jazz: *soothes* Nows the the time to say~ goodnight~ sleeptight~

Bee: *wince wince moresquirmmmm* *then sighs with relief and relaxes*

Jazz: *runs a hand over her spark chamber* Did it work? *patpats* Stop that, Rap! We gettin ta work on your body!

Bee: eeep. It worked till you patted me

Jazz: Aah! *sings more* Hush love, hush!

Bee: *looking down at her chest and then quirking a grin.* There. Wow

Jazz: Hafta remember that. He likes to hear me sing. *purrs and curls up with her.* Dunno why. Not really gotta voice for lullabies, much as I like to sing em to you.

Bee: I like your voice. *shakes her head* He doesn't knock me offline, but the snuggling and poking at the circuits TICKLES

Jazz: *smiles and loosens his hold* Well if snugglin' tickles~

Bee: Yours doesn't. *rolls optics*

Jazz: *laughs and kisses her as he snuggles back to her*

Bee: *kiss back, then looks thoughtful* Do you think you'll be able to get him out after we get his body ready?

Jazz: Shouldn't be too hard. Got Ratch's notes and all. *hrms*

Bee: You know it... kinda hurts a little bit, right?

Jazz: If you want we can still wait for Ratch to get better. *snuggles close to her* What do you want, my lady?

Bee: I think Rap wants out. And it hurt when Ratch did it, too. It hurt, I got dizzy, and then I went offline. But it didn't hurt when I woke up

Honey: *wanders in blearily and puts her chin on the bed*

Jazz: *snuggles and nuzzles Bee* Kay. *laughs softly and picks up Honey* Hey kiddo.

Honey: *beeps wearily and crashes*

Bee: *laughs at that softly before turning back to Jazz* I just wanted to tell you so you didn't freak out or anything.

Jazz: Get the worry outta the way early? *places Honey safely between them*

Bee: You can be a worrywart. *gently strokes Honey's head and grins at the purr* I bet Rap's gonna be just like you. Since he's already trying to talk

Jazz: *chuckles* I hope not. I did all sorts of mean things to mess with the people responsible for me.

Bee: *innocent look* Payback?

Jazz: *laughs and kisses her deeply* Saucy Femme!

Bee: *chuckling right through the kiss, then shifts just a bit to be more comfortable and to hold Honey better.* You know if anybody had told me this was going to happen a few (time periods) ago I'd have told them they were nuts.

Jazz: *just smiles* Yeah, I know. I thought I'd wind up stuck with someone totally different, back when this war started.

Bee: *nod* Jazz was an old guy. Nearly as old as Optimus and the others. And I was too busy trying to live up to the honor of being one of the Prime's picked team.

Jazz: I was mostly tryin' to be the best second for Prime. I messed around a bit here and there...I ain't gonna lie my love, but it was just, I dunno. Live in the moment. Alla us who weren't warriors did it. *he kisses her* When I got sent on the Allspark mission it stopped. Just didn't see the point.

Bee: *softly* And then you got stuck with me *looks down at Honey, who's holding onto one parent with each little hand*

Jazz: I think I loved you before all this began. I loved you when you asked the Nexus how to save me. Maybe before that. * he hugs them close* I was...gonna try anyways, ask you if you would see me. *his horns lay back against his head* If I had a chance to change it? I wouldn't. I love you.

Bee: *staring at him* *Then hides her face on him.* Oh.

Jazz: *holds her tightly and protectively*(I love you, lady. I'm never gonna stop.)

Bee: *muffled* Good. Because I don't know what I'd do without you, now.

Jazz: Dunno what'd me an' Honey would do with out you, either. I'd curl up and rust maybe.

Bee: *gets arms around him and hugs hard, eliciting a squeak and a wriggle of protest from Honey*

Jazz: *laughs breathily* Bee! Squishin'! *hugs and pats her*

Bee: Sorry. *lets up and looks at him, optics shining*

Jazz: I think you owe it more to Honey than ta me! *kisses her under each optic* Love you. Try ta sleep now.

Bee: I wouldn't have Honey... or Rap, without you. *snuggling motion and blinks thoughtfully, then realizes that she's not being Rap poked and quickly shutters her optics*

Jazz: *smiles* I wouldn't have you.

Bee: *smile... crash just like Honey did*

Jazz: *hums and nods off to sleep*
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