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Not a beater
Just a busy bee
Honey's safe 
27th-Oct-2007 12:07 am
Bee's pacing restlessly, but when Jazz and Honey appear from the Nexus she turns and hurries to put her arms around them both. "(She was there!)"

Jazz grins and nods as his free arm around her and kiss her chin. "(Yup! And an ol' friend of yours was with her too.)" He whispers quietly. "(Arcee is alive.)"

Her eyes widen as she absently takes Honey. "(You're sure it's the one I know?)"

Jazz nods. "(Yes. She knew you well enough to know you were a femme at least.)" He frowns in annoyance, "(She acted kinda upset though when I saw her. I was afraid t' press the issue cause it wasn't the right place to go into the sad stuff that has been happening.)"

"(Upset?)" She tilts her head. "(But our Jazz was one of her favorite people. He used to watch out for both of us.)"

His horns tilt forward. "(So she felt the same as you did for him? He was like a Big Brother?)"

"(Yeah....)" Honey squeaks and she rubs her back.

He smiles and kisses Honey's forehead again. "(Easy, baby.)" He leans on Bee for a moment and thinks. "(Yeah, pretty sure my Arcee felt the same way. I hope she and my Bee found each other again.)"

Bee chuckles. "(His being a guy must have kept them from doing some of the things we pulled.)"

Jazz laughs. "(I think they may've just found new trouble to get into.)" He tilts his head in thought. "(She said she had to say goodbye to some folks she met then she'd head here. Said she was alone too.)"

"(I heard she'd been sent to an outlaying base....)" Bee frowns, knowing that her friend would never have left her post if she'd found anyone there. The thought makes her sigh and rest her forehead against her sparkmate's shoulder.

"(Didn't hear from her much at all.)" He lays his head on top of her's and purrs quietly. "(Still, she is one person who heard Optimus' message. And she is gonna come home.)" The glass is half full, they say.


Honey wriggles slightly, then reaches to pat her parents' faces appealingly and point to the couch. It's time to lay down with baby!

Jazz laughs quietly. "(Alright, alright, it can be snuggles time.)" He pets her and leads them over to the couch to lay down for a bit. "(She can manipulate several TV screens at once now. Was how she asked for us when she wound up in the Nexus.)"

Bee settles down on her back, Honey snuggled against her chest. She shakes her head. "(I don't know why I'm so surprised. We've been doing that ourselves from the start. I didn't tell you what she did to Rollbar the last time I was in the Nexus.)"

Jazz grins and shakes his head. "(Nah, you didn't)" He curls up against her side and purrs louder. "(Tell me what she did?)"

"(She googled him. On the Multiversal links. And then displayed everything she found.)" The laughter is plain her in voice.

Jazz laughs loudly. "(She did?)" He noogies Honey. "(That's my little girl~! Daddy and Mommy's little trickster!)" His horns perk up for a minute. "(Didn't find nothin' dirty I hope?)"

"(A picture of him kissing a femme with a really bad colour scheme.)" She chuckles as Honey purrs and then bats at Jazz's hand. "(And something about sweeping a park... that kind of thing. Oh, and some stories where he got humiliatingly trashed and mocked.)"

He laughs softly and tickles his sparkling. "(She's such a smart girl. Now if only she would stop putting things in her tank and losing her gas cap." He leans on Bee and smiles at the homey little picture they make. "(Bee? Are you happy with our family?)"

She gives him a knowing and amused look. "(She'll probably start doing that when you stop yelling about it...mppph.)"

She gently removes Honey's little fingers from her mouth, then kisses Jazz. "(Yeah. Why shouldn't I be?)"

"(I just worry that you feel trapped by all this.)" He kisses her back softly. "( I was in love with someone before. The break up was pretty bad. Said I was makin' too many of her decisons for her.)" He kisses her again. "(Don't want you to ever feel that way. I'm afraid of that, cause I love you more than I ever thought I loved her.)"

Her optics sparkle as she chuckles. "(Have I let you push me into anything yet?)" Yes, she nearly idolizes her teammates, but being loved by this mech has taught her the measure of him, too.

Small hands suddenly cover both their mouths. Talking isn't napping!

"Mrrph!" Jazz chuckles and pulls off Honey's hand before kissing it. "(We get it! We get it!)" He cuddles up a little closer to Bumblebee and rests an arm across her and their sparkling. "(Now is the time to sleep I think she means to say.)"

Bee chuckles too and shutters her optics obediently, though she knows she won't really be sleeping. "(I love you two. Have a good sleep, Honey bee.)"

Honey beeps softly and shutters her own optics with a sigh.

Jazz purrs lightly. "(Love you back, my ladies.)" He shutters his optics as his radio starts up Jimmy Buffett's 'Little Miss Magic', the song flowing softly into the warm air and sending his baby to sleep.
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