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Not a beater
Just a busy bee
Bee's baby ((Around two months after the second spark was discovered)) 
15th-Oct-2007 05:56 pm
The night was silent except for crickets and the far-off call of a wild canide. A soft wind blew through the leaves of the trees and seemed to whisper softly in a language that Optimus Prime couldn't understand.

Jazz stirred and looked up at him. "Whatcha thinkin' 'bout?"

The Autobot leader blinked and lowered his gaze from the stars to the smaller 'bot and the yellow femme that they were watching over. "Many things."

"A lot's happened since we won that fight," said Jazz quietly.

"Two months." Prime looked down at the tiny being snuggled in the crook of his arm. "It feels like a lifetime."

"Kinda is, for her." Jazz contemplated the resting sparkling.

"Yes." There was a little static in Prime's voice as he moved slightly so that the starlight could pick out the child's features better. The first Cybertronian born on this new world. There wasn't much to her yet, just a leggy little silver protobody with huge blue optics.

Then his gaze went to where Bumblebee lay on her back, resting after the ticklish operation of removing the new spark from her spark casing. "Jazz, will you care for the sparkling?"

"Whaat? That's 'Bee's job."

Prime shook his head. "She's still a child herself."

"No she ain't!" Jazz scowled. "She pulled off that scouting mission without a hitch. She's not a kid."

"She's still not ready to care for a young one. You've seen how she's reacted to every mention of it," said Prime sternly. "She can go back to Sam this way."


"That's an order, Jazz."

The smaller mech's optics burned at him in anger, but he nodded.

* * *

Bee sat silently in the driveway at Sam's house, listening to the sounds of the sleeping street around her and wondering why she felt like the world was ending.

-I need to go find Jazz,- she thought to herself, but then remembered him saying that she'd have to bring the new one for him to see and gave a small sound of disappointment.

-Prime was wrong. Sparkmaker, he's wrong! I'm scared, yeah, but.... I'm her... mother.- She shuddered, horn tooting softly. -I'm responsible for her. I'm supposed to take care of her.-

-But I don't know how.-

-But Jazz said he'd help. Jazz said he'd help.-

She started as something touched her suddenly, her horn beeping with surprise.

Wide blue optics looked at her with surprise and she gasped. "(What are you doing here? Jazz is going to be having bearings!)"

The sparkling cocked her head and looked at her, not understanding.

"Bee, what...." A T-shirt and shorts-clad Sam skidded to a stop and stared. "Um... whozzat?"

"My... that's my daughter," said Bumblebee softly.

"Whaaaat?" The teenager stared at her as the sparkling leaned against her with a weary sigh. "You have a kid??? Since when... whataminut. Robots have kids?"

"Yeah." She opened her passenger door as the new one wobbled slightly. "Can you get her into the back seat? I think she's tired."

"Uhhh, sure." He closed his mouth and gently steered the leggy little robot... she was only a couple of foot taller than him, if that... toward the door and inside, where she curled up with a sigh.

Then he pushed the passenger seat forward and sat in it, absently closing the door. "Um... is there anything you want to tell me, 'Bee?"

"She's mine. She happened right after the last big fight." Bee felt like she'd be blushing if she were human.

"Happened?" Sam's voice squeaked a little.


"You mean like 'when the mommy robot and the daddy robot love each other'...."

She jiggled the seat to shut him up. "Something like that. It could have just been contact with the other Allspark."

"Um... so there might be a daddy?"

"Will you think about something other than mating for once?" she growled.

"I... huh... what? Ewwww!" His face screwed up with disgust. "I was just wondering if Jazz was going to be trying to give anyone else the noogie of death!"

"It's NOT funny!"

"Sorry, sorry!" He put a hand on her dash and patted it soothingly. "I'm sorry, just chill, okay?"

Then he turned to look at the sparkling sleeping in the backseat. "Should you even be up?"

"I'm not hurt..." she said puzzledly. "The blackouts are over now that she's got her own body."

"'Kay." He studied the little one with wonder. "What's her name?"

"She doesn't have one yet." Bumblebee commed Jazz to let him know where the sparkling was.

"What's her alt mode?" Sam reached between the seats to touch a smooth knee, his eyes going wide as he felt her warmth.

"She hasn't got one of those yet, either." Bee wondered at Jazz's weird response and shut off the com. "She can't even talk yet."

"Oh." Sam's voice was soft.

Bee waited for him to talk again, but after awhile she realized that he'd gone to sleep and settled down herself to watch over two of the most important small things in her life.
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