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Not a beater
Just a busy bee
In sickness and health. 
29th-Oct-2008 06:56 pm
Bee: *rubbing Jazz's back where he's laying on his face on their berth working on getting over a virus without being locked in his special recharge chamber thing*

Jazz:*sound like a motor stalling. A cough* Words cannot describe.*Coughcough.*

Bee: Shhhh, just take it easy. *hand goes from back to shoulder* You're gonna be okay.

Jazz:*pulls Bee into the berth next to him. With a soft motor whine he cuddles himself against her.* Bee, I'd be lost without you.

Bee: *knows better than to argue that point, especially when Ratchet's told her to keep her mate calm. So instead she just puts her arms around him and tucks her face next to his* *quietly* It's hard to believe it's been less than two years.

Jazz: Sometimes it feels like it's been so short, then so long. *He ducks his head down again and lets out another cough.* Sorry.

Bee: It's okay. *starts to rub his back again, her optics full of soft concern* I'm not the same bot I was when I landed on this world. You've done a lot of changes, Jazz.

Jazz: Hey! I like to think I changed a lil' too. *he presses a kiss to her shoulder* I never thought I was ever gonna settle down.

Bee: *soft chuckle* Three kids.

Jazz: Love'em all. From the one that don't ever talk to the quiet one in between to the one don't ever shut up. *he chuckles and tries to stifle another cough.*

Bee: Shhhh *cuddle* Take it easy. We don't want Ratch sticking you in the can.

Jazz: *sighs, powering down his optics before shuttering them.* Kay. *he snuzzles himself in and tries to rest.*

Bee: *gently stroking the back of his helm. She makes a couple tiny sounds as though clearing her throat, and then starts to sing him one of the songs that he sings to her, her voice soft, clear, and sweet, soothing and full of love*
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