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somehow missed Earth

back in the Nexus with a question


two sparks??

talked to Jazz at Zeeter's

on the net


answered a question in Sages

answered another question in Sages

asked a question in Sages

brought Jazz home.

do I enjoy life?

on pranking

my best friend's an idiot

helped Endeavour find her human friend

took Jazz and Honey to work

bad surprise on the way to work


journal entry

Honey's got skillz

@#$%&$#@ Nexus....

Honey got lost >_> and found :D

Tish's funeral

Arcee's here

that night

Jeimu came to visit and then I talked to Arcee.


Slaggit anyway

Chromia's here. A lot happened today.

Got Rap's body

met another Mikaela in the Nexus

Shoop da whoop :D

Rap wants out

met another Sam in the Nexus. He's not with Mikaela :(

That's a Rap :D

Vanessa Raymond came to check things out


kids in the Nexus during evac

I knew it! .... Oh slag, Ratchet better not bite it.

supply run back to Cybertronian space

Optimus is emo

and now he's gone 0_0

Jazz found Optimus... and Optimus is little


'net chatting with Ata

Ontario is pretty 8D

but hangovers bite :/

The same day as the last entry. Jazz found Elita. She's in bad shape :/:/ And then Ratch told us Simmons was in charge of the efforts to slag us

The next day. Op's friend came to see him. That night. Ratch's a square ^_^

What happened while the guys were going after Starscream

Arcee and Starforge got twins

met another femme Bee in the Nexus. She's really different.

answered a Nexus question about the biggest thing that happened to me

answered Ata's question about alternates

met the me with the big purple daughter. She's kinda twitchy.

log entry. Bunny hats!

Honey went exploring again, and took Op with her. She wasn't in the Nexus :(

Rap answered how to deal with new family members

Log entry: Dorkbots in disguise

starting to look a lot like Christmas?

Christmas day

met a funny old red Ratchet and a funny new Bumblebee

the kids met Rock again

met a mech named Prowl

tried to spar with Jazz, wound up snuggling

early work shift for Sam

why do I go to the Nexus?

Dev ate a lizard, ewwww (CAPSLOCK FRIDAY)

Kickback's got a kid. An Autobot kid 0_0

in the Nexus, talked to a kid with a giant Earth robot

LOLd energon is scary :p

kids' ages

talked to Blackstar, the Decepticon ghost that helped save my life

talked to a big green guy in the Nexus

Ata likes a Jazz. And Honey went visiting while I talked to Ata.

showed a couple 'Bots the safe house

Rap met a Broadcast

talked with Victor in her journal

met another Ironhide in the Nexus

Gen found a tiny little sick sparkling :( And we brought her back to the base.

talked to a guy named Sellout

Jazz is still sick from his last trip to Frenzy's base

moving in

Honey was bugging Startracker while he tried to make widgits

talked to jediBee

Rap gave Ratch some ink....

Met a guy named Blacktop in the Nexus

Honey said 'Daddy'

in the Nexus. Talked to Delphia about poetry

tried giving an elf relationship advice (I must be nuts)

saw furry Ratch again!

Honey and Rap made a new friend

announcing kid number three >_> :D

in the Nexus looking for name ideas

told Jazz about Rap's encounter with Hormah

introduced Waltz to the Nexus

dance off in the rec room :D


all shook up :( And still shook up >_<

In the Nexus after I got LOLd

Nexus again. Answered a question about resentment.

met another Bee. He sounded British.

Psych's wearing a big footprint. :/

drama at the base

talked to Broadcast again in the Nexus and Ata, and met another Bumblebee

Honey and Sam met a guy named Jetfire in the dressing room

Jazz caught Rap with Hormah >_<

talked to Ata about LOLs

answered some questions for Victor and sent her the books I bought her

Rap met a femme named Skipdash in the dressing room

in the Nexus, looking for Gen and Psych

Rap helped take care of oldArcee in the Nexus after she got hurt, and 'Hide and 'Mia got a new daughter. Nova.

Arcee got hurt :(

worrying about 'Forge and 'Cee's new sparkling

Introduced Waltz to Victor

Rap met Victor in the Nexus

met another Mikaela in the dressing room

Tokyo drifted with Jazz

Jazz had a virus :(

Honey went to the Nexus alone

Ratchet came to check on Jazz, and said he's nearly better!

Jazz came back. And met Scatcat at Blue's

Two hundred years later

Bumblebee got to go back to Kriti

Found out Kritie's all grown up! And then saw her kick butt and get married
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