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Not a beater
Just a busy bee
All shook up 
13th-Jun-2008 08:23 pm
Honey: *has been up on the rec room ceiling all day, refusing to even come down for lessons*

Jazz: *narrows his optics* And what has turned your crank today?

Honey: Bbbbb!

Jazz: *laughs softly and hold his hand up to her* C'mon. I know you like it, but your joints are gonna get cramped in that position.

Honey: *ignores the daddy*

Jazz: Young lady! Are you sassing me?

Honey: *ignore ignore, then squeaks as she senses something and looks around. There's a low rumble, and suddenly the entire room is shaking*

Jazz: *yipes and holds out his arms* Daddy will protect you. Now get down here!

Honey: *frightened but trusting, she lets go and twists. But something down below, triggered by the quake, explodes at that moment and sends Jazz onto his rear. Honey lands on him hard, giving a startled squeak.*

Jazz: *yipes again, gathering Honey close in his arms before trying to get them up and outside* It's okay, baby girl, Daddy's gonna protect you.

*The quake dies away, and in the startled silence that follows Optimus's voice comes over the base wide communications system.* Status report.

Jazz: *sighs in relief and gently cuddles Honey* I think we're both a bit shaken up. Nothing seems to have broken, but I'm gonna have Ratch check on Honey.

Optimus: Acknowledged. Ratchet says everything's alright down there despite the tank exploding.

Honey: *soft sound as she offlines*

Jazz: Honey! Honey Bee! *takes off toward Ratchet's lab* Ratchet!

Ratchet: *replies as the base com alerts him to Jazz's hail* Ratchet here. What is it, Jazz?

Ironhide: *holds open the elevator door so Jazz can get in... he'd been stuck in there during the earthquake*

Jazz: Thanks, 'Hide. *ducks in and cradles Honey close* Honey offlined when she fell from the ceiling, Ratch.

Ironhide: *rumbles and frowns*

Ratchet: *voice sharp with concern* Is there any visible damage?

Jazz: I don't see any. *is very tense.*

Ratchet: *how's her spark?*

Jazz: *concentrates* A little shaken but still a burnin'.

Ironhide: *has been watching in grim silence, but now holds the elevator door open again as it stops on Ratchet's floor*

Ratchet: How did she land?

Jazz: I... was going to catch her but...I fell. *starts to walk shakily out* She landed on me, but I was already on the ground.

Ratchet: How solid were... what the slagging %$#@$@#?

Ironhide: Ratchet?

Jazz: I was solid, so she didn't hit the ground. *shoulders shake as he murmurs to Honey softly* I'm sorry, Honey!

Ironhide: *on getting no reply charges past Jazz and through the main medbay door with his cannon whirring*

Jazz: *looks back up and follows Ironhide at a run* Ratchet?!

Ratchet: *staring down at a blond human girl, who's looking back at him plaintively*

Girl: *looks around as Ironhide and Jazz charge in, her blue eyes widening as she sees what Jazz is carrying* Honey?

Jazz: Uh, yeah. *holds Honey closer to him. And stares at the girl* ...Bee? Babe, is that you?

Bee: *nods, her face twisting with concern as Ratchet reaches out and gently takes Honey* What happened?

Jazz: *shrinks down into his human holoform* She fell when I was trying to get her off the ceiling during the quake. *tries to run his hand through his dreds as he shakes*

Bee: *steps close to put her arms around him... and suddenly isn't sure how because he's taller than her*

Ratchet: *scanning Honey*

Ironhide: *standing by the door and scowling*

Jazz: *pulls her close to him and buries his face in her hair* I'm sorry. I was trying to protect her.

Ratchet: Relax, Jazz, she's going to be fine. *frowns* But why isn't her self repair working?

Bee: *meeps and looks up*

Ratchet: *irritably* I said she's going to be fine.

Jazz: You don't understand. I told her to come down and she trusted me to catch her! *squeezes Bee tighter*

Ratchet: And you lost your balance during the quake. It's not your fault.

Bee: *0_0 and distracted by the sensation of actually being squeezed... and having an upset stomach from the shock of being turned human and the shock of worry for Honey*

Jazz: *sighs and loosens his hold* I won't be surprised if she never trusts me again

Ratchet: *grumble* Must you always be so melodramatic? *doesn't look up from his work*

Jazz: *frowns* I want her to trust me! How can you love someone and not trust them?

Honey: *stirs slightly and whimpers as she comes online.*

Ratchet: *busy murmuring to her soothingly instead of replying to Jazz*

Jazz: *gives Bee another squeeze before changing back into his bot form* Honey? Baby? Daddy's here.

Honey: *another whimper, and one little clawed hand reaches for him*

Ratchet: You can't take her yet. I'm nearly done.

Honey: *quietly* Bbbb!

Bee: *hands over mouth as she sinks down to sit on the floor*

Jazz: *reaches out to her hand gently* I'm so sorry, baby.

Honey: *plays her star song and engages her magnets so that nobody can take Daddy's hand away from her*

Jazz: *shoulders shake as he sings back to her.* You were right, Ratch. Don't be smug about it.

Ratchet: *pats him on the back as he turns to get another tool, then gasps as he accidentally kicks Bee*

Bee: Mpmmhph!

Jazz: Bee! *torn between being with Honey and going to Bee.*

Honey: *startles and starts to cry*

Ratchet: *freezes for a split instant, then barks at Jazz to get Honey off the table as he stoops to scan Bee*

Jazz: *picks Honey and moves over quickly* Shh, Honey. Daddy is here.

Ratchet: *slips a hardlight stretcher under Bee and lifts her without moving her too much* //You might want to take her out of the room. But keep her quiet... I still have to finish repairing her auto repair//

Bee: *isn't moving*

Jazz: *gasps and rushes Honey out.*//Please take good care of her.// *cuddles Honey close.*

Optimus: *sidesteps quickly to keep his second from running into his leg* Jazz, what's wrong?

Honey: *snuggling and making small fretful sounds*

Jazz: Bee got hurt in the in the excitment after the quake. *soothes Honey* There there, baby girl.

Optimus: *looks toward the medbay door with a frown* I thought she was in the Nexus, checking the safe house.

Honey: *whimpers and clings*

Jazz: She came back... she got LOL'd human.

Optimus: *starts and turns back to look at him, alarmed now* //How was she hurt?//

Jazz: *soothes Honey and kisses her* //Ratchet bumped her with his foot. She wasn't moving, Op.//

Optimus: *looks toward the door again, but knows better than to go in there or ask for an update now* //Sparkmaker....// *turns away* Maybe you should bring Honey home. Being in her familiar space might help her feel better.

Jazz: I... *lowers his head* //My wife is in there, Op...//

Optimus: *gently* //There's nothing you can do for her right now. But Honey needs you.//

Jazz: *nods in resignition* All right, Honey Bee. Let's go home. *cuddles her close as he takes her with him*
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