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Not a beater
Just a busy bee
That's a Rap 
10th-Nov-2007 02:22 pm
Bumblebee unhooks the programming module from the newly overhauled body, then scans it, though she's not really sure how to tell if everything's as it should be.

Jazz takes the module and examines it carefully before placing it on the table next to the other equipment on the bench. "I think I read all of the notes right."

"I hope this works. I don't want to mess him up," she says softly, rubbing her chest as the future inhabitant of that body starts one of his earnest trying to communicate sessions. Then she looks around the empty Nexus warehouse as her audio receivers catch the sound of mice somewhere in the rafters.

Jazz kisses her softly and rubs her chest as well. "I'm pretty sure I can do it. Ratch is very exact." He looks in her optics grimly. "Last chance to back out and wait."

"He wants out." She leans against him for a moment, feeling her own spark shiver slightly. "I need to be able to focus in case there's another attack."

He nods and check the notes and tools one more time. "Alright then. Get up on the table and lets do this." He offers his clawed hand to help her up.

She takes it and scrambles up beside the empty protoform, then lays down and shutters her optics. -Sparkmaker, guide us.-

Jazz smiles softly and kisses her hand before laying it beside her. "I gonna start up the mechanics on the body first. Rap, be a sweet boy and come when Daddy calls ya." He turns to start up the life support on the body. "I love ya, Bee."

"Alright." Her voice shakes only a little. "I love you too."

He nods and strokes her head soothingly before placing one hand over her chest. "Okay. Open up."

She pops her spark compartment, then winces as she feels Rap's excited movements. The new spark is bouncing like a ball, tripping off the circuits that lead to her systems. "Ugh..."

Jazz sings softly under his breath as he reaches both hands into the spark chamber. "Okay Rap. Come here!" He scoops up the spark that he knows is not Bee's.

As careful as he is she groans and then goes offline, her spark sinking down and going still.

Rap, meanwhile, is responding as he always does to the sound of his father's singing and is glimmering softly in Jazz's grasp.

Jazz quickly switches the spark over into the chamber of the blank protoform and hooks up the wires and primary systems. After that he simply boots up the shell program and lets the form do its job, then turns his attention to Bumblebee. The yellow femme is still, her circuits and systems working slowly, as though she's in a light shock. But though slow they're steady and show no signs of stopping.

Her sparkmate sighs in relief and kisses her cheek as he manually closes up her spark container and goes about checking on Rap's vitals and occasionally humming and comfortingly touching them.

The new Transformer's systems are a little jittery at first, but they soon settle and the life support's warning beeps change to quiet sounds that merge into the background sounds of the Nexus.

Moments pass, and then a change starts coming over the protoform. Horns grow, the fingers go blunt and chubby, and a visor goes over the shuttered optics.

And then he whimpers and moves.

Jazz places a hand on his son's shoulder gently. "Easy, Rap. It's gonna hurt the first bit." He smiles softly. "Your mom was right. You do look a little more like me than Honey does."

Rap turns his face toward his father's voice, optics unshuttering and blinking at him through the visor. Oddly, they aren't blue. Nor are they Decepticon red. Rap's optics are a deep, clear green.

"Hey, ya know who I am kiddo?" Jazz asks, leaning down to him. "Be my, be my baby."

Rap watches him for a moment, his CPU busy making links and connections. An unconscious smile comes to his face, though, at the song.

Jazz smiles. "Just take your time." He gives Rap a fatherly kiss on his forehead and goes back to watching over him and Bee.

A few more moments pass, during which Rap flinches a few times and makes unhappy sounds, and then turns his head and discovers his mother. Then a voice speaks unexpectedly, a deepish but not too deep voice, soft and smooth.


Jazz's horns perk up and he turns and smiles at Rap. "Yup. I'm Daddy. And the femme next to you is your Mommy. She's a little worn out at the moment though."

The new Autobot's horns also perk, then twitch back and forth experimentally, followed by the rising and lowering of the visor. Rap's optics widen through this process, and then he tries to sit up. "Wow."

Jazz laughs and tries to help Rap sit up. "Easy! What did I just say?" He's still grinning. "What else d'ya know?"

"Ow...." The youngling hangs his head for a moment, one hand going to his head as his CPU works to deal with such things as balance.

The Pontiac gently rubs his kid's head and smiles. "Take your time. You got near forever to live."

"Near forever to live..." repeats Rap, then comes up with an appropriate response to that. "@#$%&$%$#!"

Jazz thumps his son softly. "Watch your mouth." Still he laughs good-naturedly. "Glad to see you can process and talk. Your sister doesn't talk much yet."

Rap responds with puzzled laughter, then sucks air in through his intakes and points to himself. "Me?"

"You're Rap. Your mommy came up with it. You're the second kid and first boy we've had."

"Rap," repeats the youngling thoughtfully. "It's like your name."

He nods and smiles. "Yup. That's why your mom chose it I think." He tilts his head as his horns twitch. "Ya like it?"

Rap's horns twitch as well, and his visor lifts. "Yes... why is my language different from yours?"

He thinks a moment before answering. "Cause you ain't fluent in English yet. You can learn to talk like me later if you like."

"I'm glad. How do I learn? Why's Mommy offline? Where's everybody else? Whoa... what was that?" He looks toward the deep bellow of a foghorn in the distance outside.

"Mom is offline cause sparking is stressful, you learn by doing and downloading, folks are either asleep or at work, and that was a foghorn, which may or may not be Prime." He laughs loudly.

Rap grins, but then the expression fades as he listens. "This isn't home... it doesn't sound right."

Jazz sighs. "It's a warehouse in the Nexus. We came here cause home's a little hectic right now."

Those green optics take on a sad and slightly frightened look. "Can we go home?"

Jazz hugs him close and smiles sadly. "When your mommy gets done restin' we will. I promise."

"I'm glad." Rap's silent for a moment, then tries a sigh for himself as he leans trustingly against his father. "Still hurts a little bit."

Jazz purrs and kisses his son's forehead again. "That's the way livin' is. But you have us. And Honey and your aunts and uncles."

"Okay." Rap sighs again, then shutters his optics and goes offline as these first efforts catch up with him.

Jazz just keeps smiling and begins to sing again. "Everythin's gonna be alright, rockabye." He eases the young spark down onto the table next to his mother and cuddles up with both of them, ready to watch through the night.
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