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Not a beater
Just a busy bee
0_0 Honey's got skillz 
23rd-Oct-2007 01:55 pm
Prime: Yes, I oversaw Jazz and Bumblebee's vows.

Sam: Is that legal? 0_o

Jazz: He is our legal leader, therefore can marry anybody he wants.

Prime: yes

Jazz: *smug*

Sam: *suddenly hopeful*

Prime: no

Jazz: Finish highschool and if Mikaela will have you, try asking again.

Sam: *pout*

Bee: *grins and messes up his hair, causing him to make faces and swat at her*

Jazz: *laughs softly*

Bee: *grins at him too, then bends to look under a couch.*

Honey: *looks back quizzically.*

Jazz: She may learn to be a great little spy

Bee: Yeah.... what are you doing under there? *goes to knees* Hey, that's Sam's laptop.

Bee: *gently taking the laptop away despite Honey's squeaks of protest*

Jazz: *pulls out Honey and makes coos at her*

Honey: *pout!*

Jazz: *kisses!*

Honey: *magnets on his kisser*

Bee: *laughing*

Prime: *chuckles too*

Jazz: *chuckles* Silly girl.

Honey: *squirms and squeaks and fusses, then turns and looks at the desk computer* *computer comes on and goes to a website that shows a cartoon about a cute little robot*

Jazz: *blinks* You wanna watch the show? Aww, you could said so earlier. *places her on a chair with a booster seat.*

Honey: *absent smile and kiss* *settles down with her chin on the desk*

Bee: *watching her* She's not really watching the monitor.... *tilts head*

Ratchet: *steps in and pauses to watch the cartoon himself*

Jazz: She's watching it in her head. I think. *pets Honey gently*

Ratchet: *blink* *look at him, look at Honey* She is. She's directly connecting to the internet.

Bee: Already?

Sam: 0_0 We need Net Nanny

Jazz: Definitely. O_o

Bee: Whut?

Prime: Would such a device work?

Ratchet: I could probably rig something up.

Jazz: Be a good idea. Don't want her on 4chan learning about rule 34.

Sam: Saywhatnow? *looking back and forth between them.*

Prime: Never mind.
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